Industry Night

As part of our course the tutors of Illustration arrange an interview session where we have the opportunity to show our portfolios and sketchbooks to professional illustrators and people in publishing. So last night armed with our business cards and work produced over the past few months we met at Brightspace gallery where everyone  could also [...]

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Kelvin Hawley

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Kelvin Hawley an artist who lives in Brisbane. I was greeted with a welcoming broad smile and an infectious enthusiasm for all things art. He loves to paint and has perfected and fine tuned his technique in portraiture over the years.  Kelvin was so [...]

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“Narrative is a dance between the author and Illustrator”

Talented book illustrator Ann James is not only passionate about her work but also loves to promote picture book illustration in Australia.  Ann James and Ann Haddon are both Ambassadors for Australia's picture book industry. They initially set up a Melbourne gallery in 1988 to sell and promote picture books and over the past 7 [...]

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