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“Purity of making art”

Sculptor Lisa Roet's work has been an evolutionary process in itself. She maintains the school of thought "of the purity of making art". Her fascination with primates spans her entire artistic career where she combines both science and art.  She has worked extensively throughout the world in zoos studying monkeys, gibbons, apes and gorillas. Where [...]

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Inner energy

NGV (National Gallery of Victoria)  regularly holds drawing sessions with artists and a couple of years ago I attended one held by the incredible and prolific artist John Wolseley. Lucky me ! In his 70s but with the energy and enthusiasm of someone much younger, he talked passionately  to a crowded room of over 100 [...]

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“Breathing and Alive”

In the mid 1980's Christopher Beaumont was studying medicine and found himself absorbed more in creating beautiful images from under the microscope than creating diagrams. This brought about a change in direction and he started studying art at night school and later at the VCA. His paintings are not merely photographic reproductions but have an inner life and [...]

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