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Melanie Matthews

Tucked away in a tidy little nook, on Progress Street, Mornington you'll find a young illustrator Melanie Matthews. Melanie attended Chisholm studying illustration and has since over the past 6 years set up her own business as a full-time illustrator. Her past work includes children's book, comics , children's activity books , advertisements and fantasy [...]

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“Blown off Course”

Kerry Spokes is an artist and co-owner of the Gecko Gallery in Fish Creek, Victoria.  Kerry is a prolific and dedicated artist,   passionate about her own art and also promoting others. Her latest show called "blown off course" now showing at the Gecko is testament to her diversity and skill in many disciplines. The title [...]

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“Own it like a Boss”

Entrepreneur Vincenzo Pignatelli gave an inspiring talk to a crowded room at Billy Blue Design School last Friday evening. His presentation was filled with pertinent advice, great visuals and tips on the business side of being an illustrator. He covered ............. Honing your skills.... compare yourself with the best in the world, concentrate on Anatomy and composition. Know your [...]

“Narrative is a dance between the author and Illustrator”

Talented book illustrator Ann James is not only passionate about her work but also loves to promote picture book illustration in Australia.  Ann James and Ann Haddon are both Ambassadors for Australia's picture book industry. They initially set up a Melbourne gallery in 1988 to sell and promote picture books and over the past 7 [...]

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‘Something lost and Forgotten ‘

Paul Compton is a young artist in his early 30's from Melbourne,  so far he has had a number of themes running throughout his art work. He has a particular fondness for  Popular Culture, especially from the 60's Ghost stories Victorian Vignettes Wonder Cabinets Animals Objects lost and forgotten He works largely on a small scale [...]

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“Big Eyes” a Big Lie

I really enjoyed this movie directed and produced by Tim Burton.  It portrays the rise to fame and acclaim of Walter Keane with the "Big Eyes" paintings of waifs. Living under the pretext that he was the creator of these works while his wife Margaret Keane secretly produced the works in her studio. It seemed [...]

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“Art Speak”

Jason Waterhouse's artistic career spans over the past 20 years, his early work sculptural was primarily dealing with more formal elements of balance and the improbability of balance of certain objects. He was largely concerned about the "truth" of the materials which saw him achieve real success in sales in the public arena. Then over [...]

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