Collaborating with Nature

John Wolseley's exhibition "Heartlands and Headwaters" at the Ian Potter NGV encourages us to understand the fragility and significance of the Australian landscape. He has travelled extensively over the years to arid and remote wilderness areas in all states. Immersing himself in the landscape and usually camping at these spots. He has a non-traditional approach as [...]

Danie Mellor

Currently at the Mornington Peninsula Gallery you can view a couple of Danie Mellor's impressive large works on paper.  Danie Mellor sees himself as a contemporary observer and and artist he's interested in contrasting similarities and differences in ritual knowledge and ceremonies that are part of Indigenous and Western culture. He also explored Freemasonic history and [...]

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Kristin Headlam

Kristin Headlam has been pondering  her past lately and the making of an artist, she reflected upon her early art interests and admitted a little embarrassedly that during her childhood she loved horses and drew them continuously but also remembered as a four year old she was fascinated with drapery in art books and marvelled that painting can transform something as [...]

Melanie Matthews

Tucked away in a tidy little nook, on Progress Street, Mornington you'll find a young illustrator Melanie Matthews. Melanie attended Chisholm studying illustration and has since over the past 6 years set up her own business as a full-time illustrator. Her past work includes children's book, comics , children's activity books , advertisements and fantasy [...]

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“Blown off Course”

Kerry Spokes is an artist and co-owner of the Gecko Gallery in Fish Creek, Victoria.  Kerry is a prolific and dedicated artist,   passionate about her own art and also promoting others. Her latest show called "blown off course" now showing at the Gecko is testament to her diversity and skill in many disciplines. The title [...]

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“Own it like a Boss”

Entrepreneur Vincenzo Pignatelli gave an inspiring talk to a crowded room at Billy Blue Design School last Friday evening. His presentation was filled with pertinent advice, great visuals and tips on the business side of being an illustrator. He covered ............. Honing your skills.... compare yourself with the best in the world, concentrate on Anatomy and composition. Know your [...]

“Narrative is a dance between the author and Illustrator”

Talented book illustrator Ann James is not only passionate about her work but also loves to promote picture book illustration in Australia.  Ann James and Ann Haddon are both Ambassadors for Australia's picture book industry. They initially set up a Melbourne gallery in 1988 to sell and promote picture books and over the past 7 [...]

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